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Welcome to
Radical Liberation

A collective of black therapists who aid folx at the intersections of various marginalized identities to begin healing through radical acceptance and to achieve liberation from oppressive forces.

We work with all folx who experience any and all kinds of systemic oppression including: queer, trans, non-binary, black, indigenous, people of color, sex workers,  immigrants, and non-traditional couples.


Individual therapy is a collaborative process between a therapist and a client where goals are established to improve the client’s life. You can enjoy the therapeutic process of gaining insight, practicing self-discovery, and working toward personal growth.



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You may benefit from identifying patterns where you feel stuck to gain intimacy, healthy communication skills, and increasing love and understanding one another.

You and your loved ones will learn communication skills, boundary setting, and manage conflicts with a therapists to facilitate necessary conversations

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Group therapy is a more communal approach to therapy. Group therapy is a space to get support from other members under the guidance of a therapist. You can gain an understanding of yourself by supporting and learning from other group members. 

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Surgical referral letters are required for gender-affirming surgical procedures, per insurance guidelines and WPATH Standards of Care. Receiving letters can be a barrier and stressor while pursuing surgery. You can have an affirming provider write a surgery letter to advocate on your behalf.

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Consultations: If you are a provider who would like to consult with us about working with marginalized folx, we do offer consultations to other providers.

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“Liberation for all. Freedom to heal.”

Feeling like you struggle to be authentic due to various forms of oppression? We use empathy and understanding in therapy sessions to help each client unconditionally accept themselves. We are not an expert on your story but rather a co-collaborator and support for your healing. If you are looking to unpack historical or racial trauma, we are a safe space for that work. We rely heavily on feminist principles and analyze the ways marginalization may leave us feeling powerless. We are also a queer affirming provider and have worked with numerous trans and non-binary clients. 

We are experienced in working with LGBTQIA+ or queer people of color who suffer from anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences. You can also feel safe knowing you are seeing a provider who shares affinity with you. Our providers are members of the queer community and identify as black, indigenous, or people of color. We are here to help you work towards liberation and freedom. All stories are welcome and valid! We invite you to reclaim your story through self-acceptance and radical healing. 



How much are sessions?


The session rate is $150 for both individual and couples sessions. We do offer some sliding scale spots, which are reserved for BIPOC and QTPOC clients but at this time they are all full. A sliding scale rate is negotiated between you and your individual provider before the intake session.

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“There’s no path to

liberation that doesn’t

pass through the shadow.”

-Jay Michaelson

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More About Us

Keep up with the latest news that is happening at Radical Liberation Counseling, LLC.

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Services We Offer

Are you unsure about what type of therapy you should seek? We have a therapy toolbox to share.

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Learn more about the radical way of healing, coping skills, and mental health exercises.


 Interested in Working With Us?  

To learn more about our services and if we are the best fit for you, please send us an email. 

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